Love Endless Hot Water

Natural gas-powered continuous flow hot water is efficient and affordable, and the water is heated as you use it so you pay for what you use. It’s ready on-demand right when you need it and never runs out, unlike a cylinder. That means there’s always enough water for everyone to enjoy a long, hot shower or a soak in the bath.

Often called ‘instant hot water’ or ‘infinity hot water’, a continuous flow gas hot water system is a powerful and practical home improvement option that does not require a big budget. Expect to pay around $2,500-$3,800 for the system installed and ready to go (costs indicative and dependent on appliance choice and home layout). A gasfitter can give you a free quote for the ideal hot water system and installation at your home.

Great benefits of continuous hot water for the family include being able to control the temperature of your hot water and set it – with the push of a button on your deluxe controller – to a temperature that’s safe and comfortable. Switching to continuous is very practical choice for saving space because the unit is compact, and generally is mounted externally outside your house. This frees up valuable space inside.

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