Standard, emergency, and after hours rates

AC Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd are continually researching the current market to ensure our rates are competitive.

Hourly Labour Rates

Our normal hours are from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Service fee:
Plumbing $125 +GST (includes 0.5 hrs labour and local travel)
Gasfitting $125 +GST (includes 0.5 hrs labour and local travel)

Service fee includes:
Time spent travelling to site
First 30 minutes labour onsite
Vehicle, fuel and RUC costs

Additional labour is charged in 15 min increments:
Plumbing $23.75 +GST
Gasfitting $25.00 +GST

You will be charged for any parts and consumables used for your job. Many standard items are stocked in our vans, but if we are required to source parts for your job, you will be charged for the time taken to source these items.

To ensure that we calculate your time correctly our vans are fitted with GPS units. Our labour charges apply from the time we arrive on site until they leave, including the time taken to document your job.

After Hour Rates

(please note that we no longer accept emergency call outs)

Gasfitting Certification:

It is a legal requirement for us to issue a gasfitting certificate for all gasfitting jobs that we undertake. This gives our customers verification that the work which we have carried out is lawful and compliant. These certificates are sent to our customers for their records and are also stored by our company for a period of seven years.

There are different classifications of risk for such gasfitting certificates;

Gas Safety Certificate
The charge for a Gas Safety Certificate is $65.00 + GST

Gas Certificate of Compliance
The charge for a Gas Certificate of Compliance is $95.00 + GST

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